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First Blossoms
4:46 p.m. - 2005-01-24

Noticed the first almond trees in bloom yesterday on the rural street on the west side of town. It was a sun-facing slope so probably has a warmer microclimate. Spring is on the way! The magnolia tree down the street is starting to bud out, too. I am going to have to remember to check the front lawn and see if the violets are blooming in the grass yet. It isn't really early spring until there is a tiny vase full of sweetly fragrant purple violets sitting by my kitchen sink.

He and I have been discussing a plan to dig ourselves out of the clutter in our formerly pleasant abode. We decided to spend every Saturday morning until noon doing a cleaning project, then stopping at noon and continuing with our regular weekend. This week he went through a lot of his papers and I washed all the bathroom rugs, bleached the kitchen sink, and found more places to conceal (I mean store) my yarn. My plan was to strip the girls' beds, clean their room, and set up the LK 150 in there, but I was so busy knitting that it never happened.

We watched the new show, NUMBERS, last night, and it was OK. He really liked it, but I am not a fan of "arty" camera work, and while I await further character development, I will reserve judgment. I also watched the Extreme Makeover House show because it was a local family. The house is in the next town, but the host kept saying it was in Oakland. It was so clearly not Oakland that I wondered why they were disguising the name of the town, probably for privacy reasons. Sandy tells me that our company did the paperword for the project, and the builders were DeNova Homes, so if my computer at work ever comes back up from today's server crash, I will look it up.

Big disaster today in our offices. They are doing construction upstairs in the building, retiling the restrooms, laying new carpet, and doing over some offices. Someone poured concrete upstairs, and it leaked through the ceiling in many places into our offices below, trashing Bernadette's desk, filling up a scanner with concrete, and damaging May's IBM typewriter and an expensive color copier. We went down to look at May's typewriter, and sure enough, it has big globs of cement in it. You can see the spot on the ceiling where it is coming through. So far my cubicle is OK. I am wondering about all the wiring and conduit work in the ceilings - there must be cement all over that stuff too. Did they not make forms to contain the cement?

Still wondering what to have for dinner. I should open the freezer and reflect on my choices.

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