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7:06 p.m. - 2005-01-27

On Monday, Sandy told me that she caught the tease leader of a news report about why January 24th is supposed to be the unluckiest day. She missed the rest of it, and when I looked it up on the internet, I found nothing, but that was later. We had our share of the bad luck in the office that day, with the cement and all, but it was when I went home that the most peculiar thing happened. I came home and got dinner started, then puttered around until he returned from work. He sat down in the living room to read the paper, and as I came in to tell him something, I glanced at the TV and said in surprise (and alarm), "What happened to the TV!!!?" The two-tiered stand that holds the DVD player and the cable boxes was gone, with all the equipment. We rushed over there and looked behind the set. There everything was, in a mess on the floor. We picked everything up and put it back together. Nothing was broken, and everything works. Why on earth did it suddenly fall after years of faithful service? Nothing had changed, the velcro that holds it on the TV was fine, the supports were fine, there was no earthquake, it was just weird. One of the girls must have left the "Mean Girls" DVD in the player because we found it behind the drapes where it landed when forcibly ejected during the fall. I hope it is OK, but I, for one, am not going to test it out.

My boss did not make it back from her ski weekend in Utah. She called up poor Sandy, who is stressed over handling the end of the month transactions without the person who knows how to do it, and told her she came down with strep throat. I am hoping she wasn't too contagious before she left last Thursday, though Sandy said she did mention a slightly sore throat back then. Oh well, I did not catch it when the girls had it, so maybe I will escape.

Tonight I made EG's recipe for toasted hamburgers, except that I did not spread the meat mixture on a bun and bake it. I just made it into burgers as usual. It is a hamburger mixture with a little bacon, Worchestershire, ketchup and other things added to it. He loves it.

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