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London Fog
2:36 p.m. - 2005-01-30

Now, I have said in the past that I used to be a hopeless procrastinator. I was the student cramming the night before the big test, staying up late to do the report the night before it is due, and putting off my homework until the Sunday night before vacation is over. I like to believe that I am better now. This week Jason bought himself a truly fabulous jacket (London Fog) during one of his thrift store jaunts. The jacket is brand new, the kind that costs about $200 in the retail stores, and well worth the $2 he paid for it. However, the cuffs came down past his finger tips. He asked me to alter it for him, with strong hints that it would be hardly worth the effort if I didn't get around to it until the weather turned hot, since he wants it for going fishing this winter. I woke up on Saturday morning with this chore hanging over my head, and decided to get right to it. By 1:00 I was done, and a feeling of Incredible Lightness Of Being enveloped me. I called him up and he came over and got it, with much appreciation. Actually, what he said was "Wow, you do good work!" and I had to agree. I spent the rest of the day knitting. Ah, freedom!

That evening we went to a Crab Feed, though it was more upscale than most, because it was called a Crab Gala. He had done some pro bono work for an organization, and the husband and wife invited us to be their guests at the event. Which was nice, since it was $40 a plate. It was held at a very nice clubhouse over at Rossmoor. They had door prizes and a charity auction to benefit the Symphony. I think that if you are going to ask people to fork out money, you should feed them well. Our table got one small bowl of salad for 10 people, and the bread plate contained 10 small pieces. No seconds. We did get individual baskets of crab, but I was thinking we would have to stop for some dinner on the way home. I did, however, win a door prize! I got a $20 gift certificate to a local Italian restaurant. He bid on one item and was the winning bid for a gift basket from Rocco's Pizza. The basket contained 5 or 6 bottles of adult beverages, which will be useful for hostess gifts, since I don't drink wine, some packaged Italian ingredients like arborio rice and imported tomatoes, a Rocco's nerf frisbee, a Rocco's T-shirt, a Rocco's magnetic calendar, a Rocco's pen and other stuff, in a very handsome retangular basket. One of the Rossmoor jazz combos played for awhile, and they are excellent. He may approach them about playing for his reunion.

After church today, EG was expressing to us her anger at Grandpa for overdoing stuff and hindering his recovery from the Big Bad Cold. I just looked at her and asked, "Do I look surprised?". She had to laugh, because that is so Grandpa. He had a slight relapse and had to stay home from church. He does way too much stuff for other people when he should be taking it easy.

Got my hair trimmed on Friday after work, and for once, it is not a scalp job. I felt halfway decent looking at the Crab Gala. Which reminds me, when it is called a Crab Feed, you know it is something you can wear jeans to, but when it is called a Crab Gala, what the heck do you wear, crab being a very messy thing? I just wore clothes I would wear to work and that seemed about right.

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