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6:49 p.m. - 2005-01-31

Last night as I was trying to get to sleep, the next day being the end of the month (early rising and a whopper namerun), I heard strange thumping and rustling that sounded like it was coming from the wall or the ceiling. What popped into my mind right away, besides giant rats, was that Buffy with the floating silent men. I was pretty sure it was raccoons though, so I went out and focused my Maglight on the back roof, but saw nothing. I thought they must be gone, but as soon as I got back in bed it started up again. I went into the dining room and I could hear whatever it was running over the roof. It was darned creepy, with Buffy images stuck in my head. Then I heard some strange skittering noises and a sliding sound like the beast was sliding down the deck post in front of the air conditioner. Then it went away, and I finally got to sleep. Today after work, I went out to look at the post, and there are fresh claw marks on it.

I think the raccoons must have come up the bushes out front (he is going to have to trim them again), and then couldn't get down, so finally slid/fell down the post.

They are transferring Sandy out of our department, because there is no more examining to do, so that leaves only three of us, four if Vi ever comes back. I don't know where this leaves my job, but Sandy could do map checks down in forward planning just as well as I do, even better, actually, so I see myself becoming dispensable, except for the dreaded namerun. Go with flow, I say. Every week I stay is another couple of bucks.

Time to go watch quality television.

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