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Four Days Until Stitches
5:36 p.m. - 2005-02-07

This last weekend I knitted on my brown sweater, trying to overcome my buttonhole procrastination, made granola, and baked an applesauce cake for him. I also sewed on a shirt that has been sitting unfinished for many a moon. Today I will put the buttonholes in that while I speed through the game tape and watch the commercials. I had fun on game day, doing nothing much, since Jason called up and invited him over to watch the game on the BIG TV with himself and Joel. I talked to EG at church, trying to see if they want to go to the Egyptian dinner at church this week, but Grandpa is still not feeling his best, after overdoing the jaunting around, and EG didn't know if he would be able to go. He is also down this week because his friend, Chester, the musician, his buddy since the old San Francisco high school days before the war, died this week. Grandpa somehow thought that his friend would get better and get out of the hospital, though EG could read the writing on the wall and tried to convince him otherwise. It is a little glimpse into the inevitable sadness that comes with the golden years, if you outlive most of your friends.

After ordering more butterscotch yarn from Herrschners, today I go into Jo-Ann's and there are three skeins in my dye lot! Now where were they hiding them when I was looking everywhere? I bought them anyway, just because I wanted to. The clerk was a bozo though. I was finished writing my check when he tells me he forgot to wring up the needles I spent lots of time picking out, and since I don't carry cash, I had the choice of doing without or tearing up my check. I went without. It didn't occur to me at the time, but now I wonder what the heck I was doing buying yarn only four days before Melissa and I go to Stitches. I am hoping that Auntie M can come down and go too, because I found both of my wheelie bags, and we could all pile them full of purchases. I wish Janvier could go too, but not everyone can get the day off.

I have a list of things I keep forgetting to do like send the girls their valentines, pack up and ship the box to Abby, return the video to the library, and take down the Christmas tree. It is almost Valentines Day, so time the tree came down.

In book news, I am listening to Seizure, by Robin Cook. I am liking this story because so far I have not found a single character who is likeable, so I do not care what happens to them. I can enjoy the science background while the unpleasant characters get what is coming to them. Besides, the story revolves around cloning and gene therapy, and I was a genetics major back in the day. Before I changed to consumer economics.

Also over the weekend I made a big pot of beef vegetable soup, using the Uncle Vinnie recipe, and I had better go heat it up for dinner.

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