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Rainy Sunday
4:55 p.m. - 2005-02-20

Having a nice three-day weekend, and am resting the brain, so will borrow an idea from my daughter's diary and list the things I accomplished this week:

1. Managed to look busy at work in spite of having nothing to do. Did you know that if you sit there doing calculations for a sweater, it looks like you are working?

2. Made the sausage pilaf again. His recipe, but I haven't made it in ages. I did not have any cream of mushroom soup, so substituted cream of celery, and he never noticed. Score.

3. Did the repairs on that sweater for Patty, which I managed to forget about for a month.

4. Finally came up with a border treatment for the sleeves on the brown cardigan, Melissa having convinced me the sleeves were too long.

5. Decided to restart the butterscotch cardigan and ripped it all out.

6. Straightened up the dining area, making a nice little area for the new printer I got him for Christmas.

7. Sweetly talked him into taking down the Christmas tree tonight by mentioning that there were magazines in the trunk it is standing on that I wanted to sort through and throw away. This is called using feminine wiles.

8. Planted the bulbs EG gave me for my birthday. Also planted the daylilies we found today at Lowe's.

9. Redrafted the butterscotch cardigan with shorter sleeves, higher neck, shorter back neck length, and repositioned dart.

10. Actually downloaded the correction patch for my sweater drafting program from the website with only minor moments of panic.

11. Did not buy any yarn.

12. Did not buy any fabric, but on the other hand, I did discover that there is a Hancock's Fabrics in Antioch. I thought the closest one was in San Jose.

13. Made some pretty good corn chowder.

14. Wore my new green embroidered moleskin blouse to work on Monday and accidently swiped a swath of blue Magic Marker right across the chest. When I got home, I, with no hope of success, put Spray and Wash solid stuff (the stick you rub on) on it and the entire stain came out as if it had never been there. Who would have thunk it?

15. Watched the new Survivor. Was there ever in the history of television a more appallingly irritating person than that lady who kept singing Survivor songs to everyone??!! Even my husband opined that she was doomed.

16. Watched an excellent mystery show on PBS that took place in the 40's, and somehow missed the last 5 minutes.

17. Managed to contain myself at church today, when that smirky gung-ho family girl (who was excellently cast as the murderer in the mystery Saturday night) was leading the youth service and kept making us get up and sit down, get up and sit down, stand for long periods, get up and down again, smirking all the time. She didn't even say "Please rise" but just said "Stand up!" Told the spouse that the urge to yell out "Go To Hell You Little Snit!" was strong in me, like the force. My husband says that that would surely be the last time I was ever in that church. Ah, but it might even be worth it. No, I guess not, but one can dream.

18. Decided to stop wasting my time on the computer today and go knit.

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