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Friday, Hooray!
4:56 p.m. - 2005-02-25

So far I have figured out that though I do the namerun, I am finished by 8:00 am, and that is the end of the work they have for me to do. That means I have to spend the rest of the day, unless I am subbing for some vacationing lucky stiff, trying to look like I am doing some work. I think that if my boss sees me puttering around at my desk, she assumes she does not have to come up with something for me to do. This is pretty dire, because days without work are long, long days. Other than that, it has been a tiring week. I have been doing Meldina's job whilst she was off in Vegas. She says she had fun, but of course, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and she has not been forthcoming other than to say they also went to Grand Canyon.

We had the division dinner on Wednesday night, and it wasn't tooooo bad. The dessert I picked, a molded chocolate mousse, was fabulous, but the beef offering was strangely gristly. The program was the usual boring speeches and awards. At one point, they were giving an award to someone who, as one of her many virtues, voluntarily substitutes on the recording desk to help out. This made Carrie and I laugh, because at that point, we knew it could not possibly be either of us. There was the usual spiel about "our valued employees" and recognition of the long-term employees, which struck us as a lot of chutzpah, since we have watched more than half our compadres fall to the unemployment ax. During this part, Carrie leaned over to tell me, "In this job, I feel like I'm playing my own private version of 'Survivor'!" How true.

As I told my husband when I stepped through the front door of my house less than 7 minutes after the MC said "Thank you for being here tonight", nobody but nobody leaves that dinner faster than I do. I even got to see most of LOST.

We both enjoyed Survivor last night, he because the challenges were difficult and he enjoyed watching the older tribe win. In other reality show news, they are having a pool at work for the new Amazing Race, and I get to be in my first pool. I drew the names of the two brothers, Brian and Greg, but since the show hasn't started yet, I don't know who they are. Sandy got Amber and Rob. Watch for my pair to go out early, because that is the way my gambling luck always goes, but it will be fun anyway.

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