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I Still Feel The Need Of Your Apron Strings
7:18 p.m. - 2005-03-10

Holy cow, diaryland is working again. The EGs called the other day, and EG was also unaware of the Hancock's Fabrics in Antioch. She has been selling lots of those aprons she makes at the shop, because even though Sylvia said she was not going to carry handcrafted items any longer, customers still clamor for the aprons. EG needs a good source for colorful cottons, and Hancock's will fit the bill. Speaking of cottons, Tuesday I was just getting set for a relaxing evening after getting off from work, and I tried to get on the computer. In our technologically lame house, you can't log onto the computer if there is a message on the voicemail phone. I was forced to delete the messages, and lo, one of them was from the upholstery brothers! It was almost 5:30, but I rushed over to their place, where they had left many many sample books of fabrics out for me to haul away. I am ashamed to admit that I have no more room in the garage for fabric samples, yet these were so nice, and the UB's will just take them to the dump, so I just got the really large cotton books for Abby. Even being picky, the books filled up the entire back of my car. Luckily for my marriage, Jason said I could store them in the closet of my childhood bedroom. One of the UB's came out to talk to me whilst I was lugging the books over to my car, and he expressed an interest in seeing a picture of the quilt that Abby made from his former samples.

They finally thought of a job for me to do at work, and now, after two weeks of faking like I was busy, I really am. We are going paperless, sort of, and I am now the person who scans a lot of the file crap into the computer, though I am still doing the dreaded namerun and some map guarantee stuff. I do like scanning stuff, who knows why, but it is gratifying to see the info all nice and neat in its alloted place. Interspersed with computer crashes, of course.

Allergy season arrived without warning suddenly and horribly, and caught me without my meds. I made a hurried call to see what the heck I am supposed to take, because a year ago is a long time and I lost the box. By tomorrow I should be all set. I think that I haven't suffered much in several years because one of the people in my department ran an air filter all the time, but she isn't there any more so we forgot about it. I am going to start turning it on when I come in in the morning.

I am enjoying the Amazing Race very much now that I am in a pool at work. This week my guys barely escaped elimination by squeaking past the blondies to come in second to last. The spouse and I cheered. It is so much more exciting with money on the line. Not much, I admit, but some.

Time for Survivor, got to go.

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