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Seabiscuit Rides Again
7:17 p.m. - 2005-03-28

Easter was very nice, actually. EG made an excellent ham, and Susie brought scrumptious stuffed potatoes that Tom had made. The only ones there were us, EG's, Bev, Susie, and, surprise, surprise, JTFM. He was telling us all about his new job as a radio on-air personality in a little town northeast of here. He really likes it there, but you know that radio pays zilch. Bev continues to impress me as a wonderful person. She has lost so much and yet keeps pulling herself up by the bootstraps. She decided that she was moping around home too much, so she signed up for a tour of Palm Springs, even though she had no one to go with her. She had a great time and was telling us all about the tours, dinners, and fun she had. Bev and I chatted a bit about Randy's new wife behind her back, because they were off on a trip, but it was OK because we just told each other how much we like Therese, and how good a couple they make. I am at the moment listening to the book-on-tape of Seabiscuit, so I asked Grandpa to tell us about the time he saw Seabiscuit run a race. This started a great discussion between Grandpa and Bev (they are cousins, you remember) about how Grandpa's grandfather liked to go to the track back in the day, and how he would take them there sometimes, to Bay Meadows or Tanforan. That was how Grandpa ended up seeing Seabiscuit. We talked about how popular racing was back in the thirties, and how people would listen to the races on Sundays when they broadcast them over the radio. A very pleasant, interesting holiday meal.

EG told a funny story about hearing someone knock loudly on the front door (rudely, she thought), and she went to answer it because she thought the noise would wake Grandpa up. When she opened the door, there on her porch was one of those wild turkeys, pecking at her door so she would feed it. How nervy is that? Too bad they are protected, or people's food bills could go down.

He and I have been very tired lately, because this working for a living is vastly overrated. We are looking forward to our vacation. Melissa sent us some Texas magazines, and we were looking at them at dinner tonight. Galvaston sounds very interesting and scenic, but just feed me barbecue and I'm happy.

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