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5:11 p.m. - 2005-04-05

I was driving home across town and I see that the house on the corner of the busy street down by my dad's house is empty again, and there are big rolls of carpet outside. New people must be moving in. I have often wondered why people would buy a house right on a busy street that is practically a highway, with all the noise and fumes. Once the local paper ran an article on "Living In The Fast Lane" but most of the people they profiled were renters or old timers whose neighborhood had changed around them. Maybe the traffic noise just doesn't bother some people, and the houses in those undesirable locations must be a little cheaper anyway.

Went to the doctor for my finger checkup today and got the all clear to start knitting again. I didn't realize how much of a stress-relief knitting was to me until I couldn't do it for awhile. I have read that the repetitive movements are soothing, and so it must be.

It is so pleasing to me to see how my husband enjoys watching his "24" show. He rushes home form the office so he can get dinner out of the way and the dishes done so he will have the evening free. Last night he had about one minute to go before the show started and he came rushing into the room I was in asking if I had the remote, because he couldn't find it. I went into the livingroom and there it was in the remote holder on the TV. He looked sheepish, because he is so used to it being lost that he never thought to look in the place it is supposed to be.

I listened to a James Patterson book-on-tape, The Big Bad Wolf. I hate those books where the bad guy does not get his comeupance in the end, and in this book the bad guy gets away with it. I had a feeling that the author must have been saving the villain for another book, so I stopped at the bookstore on the way back to work from the doctor's office, and sure enough, there is another book with "The Wolf" in it. I didn't buy the book, but I read the end where the Wolf dies horribly and painfully, and that made me feel better.

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