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Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back
5:27 p.m. - 2005-04-06

Today was a pretty mild day at work. My favorite times of the day at work are breaks, lunch, and going home. Today I stopped at the drug store on the way home and saw the new TV Guide, which we used to subscribe to (but now we just use the one from the paper), and I couldn't resist buying it. There is a big cover article on LOST, so I am going to take it over to Jason's tonight and go over it with El Beano. Last week at Jason's, he made cabbage and wieners, one of my favorites, so the only bad thing about that is that having made it so recently, he will not be making it again this week. He makes a gigantic stockpot full of the stuff, and we eat some of it, but I wonder what he does with all the leftovers. Probably eats it up all week long. Yesterday was his birthday, but we will be having his birthday dinner on Saturday. He has already stocked up on tamales, which are in the freezer, so a good time will be had by all. I am wondering if he wants a birthday present or not, because mostly he doesn't want more junk around the house, but the others manage to find really funny hats for him or stupid funny mooses that dance. Maybe I will make some lovely chocolate chip cookies. He keeps them in the freezer and microwaves them a few at a time to eat hot with his coffee, which anyone would admit would contribute to a fine quality of life.

Even though the freesias are past their prime, you can still smell their sweet fragrance. Every day when I step out the car after fleeing the office, I stop and enjoy it. I set out some nasturtiums, and while checking on them this afternoon, I see that the EG bulbs are all coming up. Spring may make me sneeze, but I still love it. This weekend I am going to make up lots of soil cubes and start many seeds. I have seen packets of seeds for red poppies (California poppies) but today I drove by a house where they are blooming. How gorgeous is that! I have to get me some of those! They are not exactly red, more the most intense red orange you ever saw.

I came home on my lunch hour and worked on a sweater but ended up forgetting the side increases so had to rip back to one row before I started. A very negative effort. It is my fault for not putting the increases on the schematic for the fronts the way I did for the back. Better go fix that right now.

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