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Bee Swarm
9:27 a.m. - 2005-04-10

Here's your update on all the family info (because I never gossip, nosiree bob). Alex arrived with Mary, with no engagement in sight, but no breakup either. Do not know what is going on with that. Eileen told me all about Noah and his fiance, can't remember her name, but she is the daughter of a Southern Baptish minister, and has been talking Eileen into going to their church. The wedding will probably be in 06. January was wearing the vest I made my mom, one of the first quilted garments I attempted. It still looks very good, and she looked fab, as usual. I took over a lot of quesadillas, and they were almost all devoured. There was a big salad, tamales, bean and rice, and ice cream and toppings for dessert. Jason was pondering whether to get whipped cream or not, so I told him that our family excels in mashed potatoes and whipped cream, and he had to keep up the tradition. So there were mounds and mounds of perfect whipped cream. Even the boys know how to make whipped cream to perfection, in fact, Joel is the one who usually makes it. I gave Jason an incredibly lame and kitchy paint-by-numbers set, and he had a good laugh and then gave it to Jellie, which I suggested. Joel and Jane gave him that set of storage containers from the infomercial, which has interchangeable lids and fits on a handy lazy susan type fixture. They have one and say it is really terrific.

Had a terrible adventure yesterday afternoon. I was coming out the back door of the garage when I heard a loud humming noise, and looking up, I saw a huge swarm of bees whirling and swirling over the place the old pine tree used to be. It was just like an African bee horror movie. Whoops, I have to go to church now, so check back here later for the rest of the story.

Golly gumbo, why did I not know it was the Student Ministry Service, I would have made myself scarce. They had guitars (muy loud) and tuneless rock songs, a skit, and lots of getting up and staying up. ("There's no SITTING in church!!!" to paraphrase the Georgia band). EG was not pleased. She sat there most of the time with her fingers in her ears, and muttered to me, "This is not my kind of music!" Other old timers were clearly not amused.

Back to the bees: I ran into the house, shut the sliding door quickly, and peeked out to see if I was being followed. The bees stayed put and did not seem aggressive, so I went out onto the deck. I hear that African bees "bump" you, fly into you without stinging a few times to warn you off, then, of course, attack you and kill you, but none of that was going on (obviously not the killing part). I could see a big mass of bees on the side of the playhouse, up near the window. I called the police and asked the dispatcher. She gave me the numbers of three bee people, and I finally got one, a really nice lady, on the phone. She told me that bees are gentle, kind creatures (except the ones that kill you), and if I leave them alone, they would finish swarming and fly off somewhere. Later that afternoon, most of them were gone, but there are a few dozen still buzzing around the same spot on the playhouse. I went into the playhouse and looked up to the area, but no, there was no nest of bees in there. Maybe just the frustrated drones are left. Wouldn't you know it, over at Jason's, Michael was watching a show on the Amimal Channel called The Big Sting, showing pest control people trying to get rid of a nest of African Bees in a small house just like the playhouse.

I am almost done knitting the butterscotch cardigan (again) and listening to a book-on-tape, Dear And Glorious Physician. And doing tons of laundry, of course.

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