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Could They Bee More Annoying
9:31 a.m. - 2005-04-16

The bee saga continues. On closer inspection last Sunday, I could see that though the swarm was gone, the bees had set up housekeeping in the shed wall, or else they have been there for ages and I am just discovering them because of the swarm. I called a bee guy on Sunday and he said he would be out within the hour. He never showed up. The next day I got ahold of another bee guy, one who was highly recommended, and he made an appointment for Tuesday. I had to rearrange my schedule and get out of work early, but he stood me up. However, he called later and rescheduled for Friday. Friday came, and he stood me up, no call this time. What is with these bee people? I have tried my best for the humane (or beemane) solution, and just got the royal runaround. Is it time for the exterminator? Three nights this last week I waited for people who never showed, and one was going to charge me $200 for the job. I even missed the book sale at the library. So what the heck is up with bee people?

Weather is beautiful here. Tax time is over, hoooooray hooooray. He slept through 7 whole hours last night, unusual for him, and today we are going out for barbecue and grocery shopping.

More highlights from Jason's birhday: Auntie M came down with Michael, and Michael had just come from a lacrosse game with his face painted with black triangles on the cheeks. I asked him if the black stuff was a regulation thing, like the smear that football players put under their eyes, or was it a fierce thing, ala "Braveheart"? He said it was a fierce thing, that the whole team paints their face to scare the other team. I can see how that could work. Michael has gotten amazingly tall. I had an interesting conversation with January and Allan, when I asked Allan to explain the Hollywood obsession with Kabbalah. We talked about Jewish Mysticism, numerology in ancient texts, and how Kabbalah is an old and complicated thing, and that Hollywood Kabbalah is "Kabbalah for Dummies". January says that people spend their whole lives reading and studying and trying to understand the mysteries, and you just know that Britney Spears is home studying the Torah 8 hours a day.

We watched the recorded Amazing Race last night, and then watched October Sky, which I had checked out of the library. That movie holds up very well.
Now I am heading out to do my Saturday grocery shopping. How exciting.

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