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1:25 p.m. - 2005-04-30

Ah, Saturday! Up at 5:30, clipped all my new socks, then commenced to watch my cooking shows, while cleaning out the girls' room. I noticed that my new socks were way too tight around the legs so I clipped the elastic on all of them, resulting in many toes going "ahhhhhhh!". Which reminds me of the bad old days when most women of the middle years seemed to get varicose veins and had to have these terrible 'stripping' operations, as did his grandma. You never hear about that affliction anymore, did it just fall out of popularity or what? Maybe we, as a population, just got ourselves up off the couch.

Only have to put sheets on the bed in the girls' room and we are done. Done enough, anyway. If anyone is going to get down on the floor and stick the vacuum wand under the bed, it is not going to be me. I had to put down the LK 150, and was stymied because the put away instructions in the box seemed to be wrong. The picture of the styrofoam part holder did not look at all like the one I had, so I just jammed everything into the box, then stuffed the box up high in the sewing room, carefully keeping it horizontal so all the guts would not fall out. Then, I found the other half of the styrofoam holder.

I have already done most of my work, and made a batch of potato salad, so I will putter around a bit, then go out to buy some groceries. His Christmas meat, a gift from the girls, arrived two days ago, and is safely tucked away in the freezer. Once I hustled him up, it only took him a minute to finally choose his meat, and I relayed the message. Two days later and we had steaks.

My hands are finally better from their various afflictions, mostly a reaction to the harsh soap in the work restrooms, so I have started knitting again. I am working on the yellow cotton, short-sleeved cardigan with lace panels, and a soft, white, lace-bordered pullover. I have the butterscotch cardigan all put together, just have to knit on the bands.

The garden is lagging this year, because I have to put off the seed starting until I get back from the graduation. I am more interested in flowers this year, and want to start lots of carnations, scarlet naturtiums, and red poppies. I do not know why carnations thrive here in the heat and drought conditions, but whatever works, I say. This year, my sage plants have put forth many spikes of lovely purple blooms, which look fabulous next to the orange poppies. I used to pine for a good rosemary plant, now have some that are trying to take over the world, especially the Tuscan Blue.

Time to go sew.

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