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Late Spring
12:09 p.m. - 2005-05-28

I have my seeds laid out on the table, all the veggies and flowers. In a few minutes I will don my clogs and go out to make soil cubes. I have the xerox boxes ready to go and have done my Saturday cooking. I made a big batch of potato salad, cooked a pork potroast, and started a pot of lentil soup. This should help next week when I am weak from making a fool of myself on the lender's desk.

Abby and her dad went on the big Saturday bike ride to the neighboring town, but there is no way I am going to bike 17 miles, no matter how fit I am, so I stayed home and puttered. I have passed through the scalped stage of my haircut, and for a brief period it will be easy to manage with little fuss. Then I will have bad hair again, scalping again, ad infinitum. This is the life of bad hair kharma. Does hair kharma change as your hair turns grey?

He is out in the yard working on the garden beds. I'll bet he forgot to put on his sunscreen, so I better go remind him.

****************************************************** I am back from the yard. He and Abby have gone to the movies to see Star Wars, and since I have no interest in it, I am going to stay home and watch a DVD. During my time in the yard, I finally cut the sprouts off the rosebush, the ones that come up from the rootstock and have ugly maroon blooms. These branches did not go without a fight and the thorns jabbed my arm and finger, even though I was wearing his work gloves. Now I have bandaids and a desire for revenge. Time to have a glass of milk and an Abby cookie.

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