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A Week In June
6:24 a.m. - 2005-06-09

I think I am just beginning to crawl up out of the hole of stress and fear my new job created. Monday was a big day, and I worked flat out all day with no breaks, but still left 45 minutes late. Tuesday was OK and I finished on time, and yesterday was excellent and I finished 30 mins early even though it was a fairly big day. Always some drama during the day though. Lost files, missed recordings, stuff they forgot to tell me, the usual. None of it bothers me much because I am in survival mode, so just finishing the day is good enough for me. Haven't even had time to check my paycheck to see if my raise is reflected on it. I have a random day off tomorrow though, which I had completely forgotten, and my new boss had to remind me. How awful if you showed up for work accidentally on your holiday.

The weather here has taken a turn to the weird. We put up the shade cloths to make the AC more efficient and to keep it from getting too hot in the family room, and now that we are prepared for the summer, it started raining. In June. Still wet out there today. Since I am off tomorrow, I will be potting up all my seed sprouts, especially the basil, so I hope the rain goes away.

In other news, I sewed up a storm over last weekend, finishing the black shirt and three cap-sleeved t-shirts. I have several other t-shirts cut out, so I will sew them this weekend, and maybe make a few more pairs of black pants. A while ago, when my sister-in-law brought over her friend's fabric stash to be divided between my sisters and I, I took a few lengths of strange retro fabric. One of them, a bright red and gold doubleknit print, I made into a t-shirt, which, surprisingly, I like very much and wear a lot. There is something about how out-of-date the print is and how bright it is that makes me like it. There is also a piece of animal print suede cloth with some sparkle to it, a cloth well down the road to ugliness, but I think it would be fun to have a t-shirt out of that too. I do love the retro fabrics. I could wear the animal print with lots of thick blue eyeshadow. No, maybe not.

In knitting news, there is none.

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