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6:24 a.m. - 2005-06-15

I am actually beginning to get the hang of the new job and have been finishing on time. It seems to be a matter of organizing the work so that the finicky part is not all left to the end. I sit off in a corner all by myself, listening to the radio and working away. There is a lot of work, but it is not difficult. The day just flies by.

Had a little bit of excitement last night when my husband and daughter came to where I was sewing and told me there was a tsunami alert all along the California coast because of a big 7.0 earthquake off the coast. I have been to Crescent City and seen what that tsunami did, so I know it can happen. The news people said that if the waves were really out there, it would hit San Francisco about 9:23 or so, but the time came and went and the alarm was canceled. I guess everyone is skittish after the other horrible tsunami in the East.

It has been beastly hot for a few days, but yesterday was much cooler, not that it mattered much to me, because I didn't have a car to drive around on my lunch hour. I have a lot of errands that I need to do, so today I might go to Target on my lunch hour and buy stuff like laundry soap, metal tape, and a light bulb for my flashlight. Isn't life exciting?

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