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11:25 a.m. - 2005-06-19

Had a not-very-scary week at work, but all the time I was working away, the Big Lady Boss and other managers were walking around talking about this and that and looking mysterious. But you know me, may as well ask and not wonder, so I asked my new boss what was up. She came over to my desk laughing to tell me that they have finally decided to do something about the 15 or so of us that are left, working in this huge space that originally had over 60 people. They are going to move us back down to the end of the plant I just moved from, and I will probably end up back at my old desk, doing the new job. All very humorous, but they could have saved me all that moving and cleaning out of desk drawers.

I have been sewing this week, and cutting stuff out, but yesterday we took a drive to Fremont to look at cars for Abby. The funny part was that when we were in the Fremont Toyota dealership, the man who came to help us looked so familiar to me, and I just knew his name was Ricky H...... I was pretty sure that he was the guy who makes the Japanese language commercials for the car dealership. My spouse asked him, and sure enough, it was him. Later that night, I was watching the Japanese shows, and there he was, so I called out to the living room where Ab and her dad were watching something different, and they quickly turned the channel to watch Ricky strut his stuff. How many zillions of times have I seen that commercial, and never listened to the name of the dealership. We didn't buy a car though.

No church today, since we are still recovering from the excrutiating service of last week, so I have been puttering around and sewing. They are going back out looking for cars, but I find that too utterly boring, so I will stay home and go grocery shopping. I have a nice stew in the crockpot, so dinner is already taken care of.

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