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Halfway Done With HP5
5:54 p.m. - 2005-07-02

I didn't do much this week except go to work, come home tired, and read the Harry Potter book #5. Abby tells me that the new one is coming out in a few weeks so she told me to hurry up and read the last one. I did receive the last one on the day it was released, but somehow never got around to being in the mood to read it until now. This has caused Abby and I to have a conversation about what luxury things we allow ourselves in life (because the hubster orders the Harry Potter books for each of us to be delivered on day one). I have never had much money, but I do like to go first class in a few areas. I run the AC as much as I want, but we all know that already, I buy good scotch tape (though it is nice that Office Max makes an excellent cheap version of my favorite), I get avocados for myself whenever I feel like it, and once in awhile I take myself out to lunch. Oh, and once in awhile I buy myself a book I really want, usually a cookbook or a book about knitting. A brand new, not previously owned, book.

The gloriously cool, springlike weather turned on us and shot up into the nineties. My veggie garden looks great. He has most of the beds dug up, and I have planted out the cuks, beans, dill, basil, beets, carrots, and sage. I finally divided up the multiplier onions and set them out. These are the only onions I am ever successful at, since they make more of themselves. I always have onions for potato salad now.

I have not mentioned the bees lately, but they are still out there. There are masses of them, and they cover the side of the playhouse on hot days when it is too hot in the hive. The bee people, who are not on my favorite people list after standing me up three times, told me that bees are friendly, kind creatures if you just leave them alone. Well, that's a bunch of bull, because all the spouse did this morning was walk out the back door and a bee stung him. This was his first bee sting in about 50 years. This ends my efforts to remove them peacefully and to get them to relocate themselves. No one attacks my husband and gets away with it, is my mantra. They go into their hive when the sun goes down, so we are going to go out there and seal up the entrance to the hive with metal tape. I could not get any public agency or organization to help me with this problem, so the quick and cheap solution is what is going to happen. I cannot take the risk that they will not sting the kids next door the way they attacked my husband. It is my yard, not theirs.

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