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Bee Wars
7:23 a.m. - 2005-07-09

This was a ghastly week at work. It started off with a total waste of my three-day weekend, so to speak, when my hubby announced that he was inviting the EG's to lunch on the 4th. So I had to go out in the heat and shop for groceries, cook in the heat, then clean up the house (don't get the wrong idea, he helped with everything). But my weekend was just gone. Then we had the busiest week ever at work. On Tuesday alone I processed and examined 102 documents. I was soooo tired. Then, later in the week, there was one day when 4 documents went missing, a fate to be avoided if possible. I found the first three, but the others, I told them, had never arrived. The people called and told me that they had arrived by the delivery service, so I spent over an hour calling around and investigating with the front desk etc, then they told me, oops, no, not by the delivery service, sorry, the docs actually came to us in the bag. So I started all over again and hunted around for even more time, so much so that the work backed up and I had to work overtime about 40 minutes without pay. I told them I NEVER RECEIVED THE DOCS, but they insisted that I did. Then, the next day they called me up to say that oops, they found the docs on the desk in their office on the other side of town, sorry.

In the midst of this, I have been waging a bee war. I have an insecticide that is orange-oil based and safe around children and pets (and me) so I set up a ladder in the playhouse/shed, which has eaves that are only screened, and snuck out there past the bees. They mass outside the hive on the side of the playhouse every afternoon in a pulsating, menacing mound. I sprayed the masses of bees through the screen, and they died in droves. It was so sad, but also scary as heck. The bees are very neat, and take the dead bees and drop them all over the yard, deck and porch, so no one can go out there with bare feet anymore. Now I have whittled the hive down by about half, so I have to repeat this performance every couple of days. As soon as they are gone, we will seal up the hole. They were too feisty to put tape over the hole like we were going to, and they always have a guard out.

In happier news, the garden is doing well, and Abby is almost done with her quilt.

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