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Friday Morning In June
6:35 a.m. - 2005-07-15

This week has been one you just get through. I trained Meldina on my desk, then had to go train on the recording desk. The only good thing I can say about that is that today is Friday. They also decided that I will have enough time to do map guarantees, which I don't. My boss told me there wouldn't be very many of them, and right after she said that, I got an email ordering five of them. I don't mind doing them, but I hate feeling super stressed over having enough time to finish all the other work.

The heat wave continues. Did you know that if you plug up the entrance hole to a bee hive in a shed, that they can squeeze themselves out through the tiny cracks around the plywood sheathing? I realize that there are too many of them for me to defeat so the next step is an exterminator, I think.

We have good plans for the weekend. Abby and I are taking Jellie out for Chinese food on Saturday noon. I remember the last time I tried this - she was considerably younger and would eat nothing but the white rice. On Wednesday, as a matter of curiosity, I asked her if she still didn't like Chinese food and she surprised me by telling me that yes, she does like it. Kids do get older, I see. So we made plans to go see for ourselves. I was amused by Jane, during a commercial for the new Fantastic Four movie, trying to convince us to go see it after the lunch. Imagine trying to get rid of your kid for the afternoon! We considered it, but the Harry Potter book will be delivered that day, and we want to just sit around and read it. I cheat and read the end first, but that is just me.

Last night we watched a DVD of Mansfield Park, and it was pretty good. They doctored the story up a bit, and the male lead came out looking like a wuss, but minor quibbles. We have fun trying to recognize actors we have seen in other things, since they tend to look so different in period dress.

Time to go get ready for work.

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