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7:13 p.m. - 2005-07-19

More than a week of blasting heat. I thought I would not make it, but in spite of the forecast of another 102 degree day, the fog came in and the temp dropped 20 degrees in about one hour. Got to love that marine influence. All I do on hot days is try to survive.

More funny names at work this week. This morning, I had a document in which the person's first name was Santa, and later on in the morning, I found a notary with the first name of Frosty!

The basil grew fast enough for Abby to make pesto yesterday, and it was delicious. Today she made cabbage and wieners because she knows her mom likes that, and she told us about her culinary plans for the remaining weeks of her summer. She has some fattening recipes to try, so we are looking forward to that. As soon as she goes back to school we are going back to healthy eating, so we are not looking forward to that.

I was all excited to get the latest Harry Potter book, when it struck me that now I have to wait another year or two to find out how it all comes out. Maybe I will save this book until it is closer to the time of the next one. Though I have already read the end. In other book news, Abby lost one of her books, and while I was helping look for it I came across Pinky Pye which I am now reading again. After that, I may have to reread the Moffats. It balances nicely with the noir sort of book I am listening to on tape, very Ocean's Eleven without the humor. I think it is called Void Moon.

Now for some serious couch-potatoing.

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