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Green Beans In Flower
7:35 p.m. - 2005-07-28

Last week of the month. Too much work. So many documents, so little time. Working late every night. Tired. One extremely upsetting and aggravating thing happened today- people called to find out what happened to their docs, "what do you mean you never got them, they were delivered by fedex yesterday and we have the papers to prove it" etc etc. Turns out they released the docs under the wrong number, and asked me if I had them with the wrong number, so of course I couldn't find them. All the looking and worrying made me have to work late 1/2 hour, may they be trod upon by a heavy camel.

In other news, Jellie had several teeth out, and Jane tells us that she was the best patient ever, the doctor says. She managed to scarf down quite a lot of mac and cheese, so I guess she is better.

G and R are out visiting with their baby, and Craig and Sue invited us to lunch for today. This left me speechless, since of course we have to go to work. But we finally wrapped the sprout's birthday present and he took it over there this weekend, so at least that is off our mind now. I hope the kid liked the little sombrero. I can't remember whether or not they ever sent a thank-you note for the shower present, so I will have to wait and see if they send one for this. I am all about the thank-you notes because no notes, no presents.

It looks like this will be the first year we get no cucumbers, since some enterprising raccoons ate every one. I sprayed the vines with invisible fence, so we shall see what happens. Invisible fence smells so bad I can't even describe it, except to tell you that one of the ingredients listed on the container is putrified eggs. I have never had trouble with raccoons before, and wonder what happened this year.

Time for some lazing around in front of the Vornado.

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