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War Weary
3:05 p.m. - 2005-07-31

In an update on the bee wars, I appear to be winning. I haven't been buzzed in a few days, and only a few dozen bees seem to be left. The duct tape I used to tape up the shed seems to have melted down onto the wood, making it too hard for the bees to squeeze out. I think they are all still alive out there, holed up in the shed, but they can't get out, and I am not about to go lift up the tape and look. Duct tape is certainly a theme in my life.

Last week was totally the pits, workwise. Even Jenny complained about how tired she was. Next week should be better, since it will not be the last week of the month. Also last week, he and I decided that the interim bedspread I bought for the summer was too rough - for example, if you are reclining on one elbow, reading a book, your elbow gets sore. I went back-to-school shopping with Abby this weekend and found a cream-colored cotton quilted spread, lovely, simple, comfy, and cheap. It will also look nice as an under cover for the sunflower quilt that is in the works. But now I can't eat chocolate on the bed.

We rented movies yesterday, and Abby decided to get one that featured a fine performance by Captain Falafal from LOST. Oh brother, I want my money back. The movie was 'Bride and Prejudice' a modern retelling of you know what, so we started watching it with high hopes. Right away, it turned into a Bollywood spectacular with the gyrating dancing and Indian music. Abby was a coward and fled, but I watched most of it. Oh, ick, but have to admit that El Falafal is easy on the eyes.

It is still very hot, almost 100 today, and he is out in the yard putting a fence around the cucumbers so the raccoons will leave them alone. The raccoons have not been a problem for almost 25 years, so why all of a sudden is my yard the restaurant of choice?

I sure hope a cool-down in on the way. I did finish the back of the cream sweater with the lace border, and have cast on for the front. I have decided not to put in the shortrow darts, out of sheer laziness, because a finished sweater is better than a more complicated one that languishes undone. And I don't think the darts will make much difference since the fabric is stretchy enough. I am already shortrowing the shoulders.

August already. Time to plant the snow peas.

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