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Morning Musings
6:28 a.m. - 2005-08-04

Strange things are happening. Two weeks ago we found a dead bird under the clothesline. I wondered if the bees killed it, so we reported it (for West Nile) and went on with life. Then the day before yesterday I went out to turn the water on in the vegetable garden before work, and almost stepped on a dead rat. I have NEVER seen a rat in the neighborhood before, and why was this one just lying there in the sunshine? I got him to go get rid of it, but wonder if some friendly cat isn't leaving his calling cards in our yard.

In other strange happenings, I lost one of my gold hoop earrings in the bee wars two weeks ago. I was running for my life and when I got into the house, one of my earrings was gone. I was, of course, bummed. Then, yesterday, I went out to look at the garden in the early morning, and as I stood there at the edge of the patio, some big bird like a dove or pigeon buzzed right by my head causing me to scream and flinch. Because I ducked my head to avoid the bird, I ended up looking down to the bricks, and there was my earring. I walk by there every day, so if it was there before I think I would have seen it. But it is all good, I have my earring back.

My boss at work was telling me about a time her two dogs caught a skunk in back of the house, with horrible consequences, so I was reminded to ask Jason about the time he got skunked. He told me that he and Evert were hunting up in the hills when they were kids. He says they often went hunting and did dangerous things their parents never knew about, like catching the farmers horses that were out on the hills and riding them all over. Anyhow, Evert shot a huge skunk, and they proudly brought it home to show off, but unbeknownst to them, it was only stunned. They got back to their yard and were holding it up to show Chas when it woke up and sprayed them. Jason says that getting it right in the face at close hand is not an enjoyable experience. They were scrubbed in a tub outside, and a friend came over and scrubbed them some more with carbolic. They turned red, but the smell was mostly gone.

Still hot here, but only as hot as the outer reaches of hell, having cooled down a wee mite. Abby made pesto again and it was very very good. We decided that it is worth it to buy the pine nuts at Costco because the flavor is better than with pecans or walnuts. We are going to make up a batch and take it to Jason on Saturday. I think January is coming over to dust his cobwebs or something, so maybe we can see her too.

In garden news, the resurrection lilies are blooming by the driveway. They fool me every year. I think they are dead, and then suddenly, there they are!

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