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Scandals and Secrets
2:55 p.m. - 2005-08-14

Holy moly, what a difference! The fog came in Friday night, the temperature dropped thirty or forty degrees, and I got my energy back. On Saturday, I got up very early and cleaned both bathrooms, straightened up the various avalanches in the sewing room, moved my moveable closet back to the girls' room, did laundry and finished piecing the quilt with the 6" squares. I watched three movies and knitted a little. I still cannot believe that the AC has been off for two days in a row!

Today I puttered around doing more laundry, cleaning out the fridge, watering the yard, realizing the time and dashing off to church. I took the printouts Abby did for the EG's and they were there, so that was good. After the service, EG told me that they had gotten a letter from a long-lost relative (a niece of theirs) who I had never heard of, who wrote them a nice long letter and revealed various family scandals of which they were unaware. I could tell it was killing EG to have all this info she was unable to talk about due to the presence of all those other church people, so I hope they come over sometime this week to reveal all. She wants me to read the whole letter myself. I told her about a scandal in my own family (involving San Quentin), so she didn't feel so bad (the opinions of the other church people being less than nada to me) and we both opined that families are 'interesting'.

I decided to get a start on the post-summer healthy diet, so I went to Costco after church and bought veggies and chicken and cottage cheese and oatmeal....

Jason just called to tell me that my cousin Anthony has died. I haven't seen him since he was a strikingly attractive little kid, but I had heard that modern life had gotten him by the throat and that he had gone down the path that leads nowhere but to death, unless you get into rehab. He was younger than I am, and in the end it was a heart attack that did him in. Oh, my poor aunt, who has always been a favorite of mine.

Well, that was a bummer, so I better leave on a lighter note. Today in church the selection of songs was noticeably better, so the pastor must have heard my sotto vocce complaints the other week, when I was grousing to Abby about the same old songs and I didn't know he was standing there.

A new Egyptian family, just over from the old country joined the church today. It's a good thing, as MS would say.

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