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Charcoal Grilled
6:19 p.m. - 2005-08-21

Last night was very enjoyable. I chatted with Auntie M and Jason, and took some pictures, not wanting to lose my picture taking tech skill through disuse, and we tore up lettuce, made salad dressing, tested the potato salad that Auntie M brought (totally excellent!), and waited for Evan to show up with the grilled steaks. When Evan did arrive, we all had a good laugh, because apparently he had had a slight problem with the grill on the "well-done" batch, and they ended up looking more like charcoal than the charcoal. Lauren was telling me that the neighbor ran over in his underwear to knock on the door and tell them the grill was on fire (Evan had stepped inside for something, I guess). Luckily, the other set of steaks, the rare to medium ones, were perfect. January and Allan were only there for a little while because they had to leave to go to a bar mitzvah, I heard. Amanda was there, too, and Auntie M told me all about their projects to fix up their house, and her hospital adventures.

Today we went to church, then out to lunch with the EG's. EG tells me that the board is planning a change in church scheduling. They want a contemporary service (meaning loud drums and tuneless songs) at 8:30, then Sunday school, then the traditional service at 11:00, with a promise to keep it down to 1 hour. Like that would happen!! So I would have a longer morning and a shorter afternoon. Grandma sort of likes the idea. Over lunch, she let out some of the scandals revealed in "the letter", which caused me to think about moral standards. In my mind, I see a lot of the screwing around and shacking up that go on now as modern things, since morals were supposedly so much stronger in 'the olden days', but the more I hear about how people have behaved in the past, I see that people have always been up to the same old evil highjinks. EG also told me that C & S want to completely redo Christmas by doing away with the gift giving and just having Christmas dinner. So that was discussed. He and I feel sort of for it, since it will save money, and heaven knows we hardly see the C & S family anymore anyway, since they are always gone. I wonder if they want to include the kids, too. Oh, well, time will tell.

When he put the curved brick border thingy in front of the geranium, he accidentally smashed one of the branches of the plant down onto the ground, and yesterday I noticed that it had rooted itself. This means I get to have another plant in that lovely hot pink color! I dug it up and put it under the fruit trees in the front yard in a patch of sunlight. It is looking good today (meaning that it did not die right away). Nothing like free plants to put sparkle in the day.

I see, looking out the french (doesn't deserve to be capitalized) doors, that the fog is rolling in. The plants like it better when it is not 110 degrees, too. We all wilt together in the heat, and perk up in the fog.

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