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One Track Mind
1:08 p.m. - 2005-08-27

The recording desk lady at work has (had) a brother who was diabetic, but who closed his mind to the idea that he could be treated, did everything he wasn't supposed to with his disease, and paid the price. So, because, for some strange psychological reason, this guy decided to inflict worry and pain on the rest of his family, I have to work the dreaded recording desk for two or three days while the RD Lady is off being with her family during this sad time. I do not see why he could not have held on until after the end of the month. Too bad he will never know that he even ticked off a total stranger. I do declare, I am so overflowing with compassion, I don't know how to contain it all!

Friday was my 33rd anniversary. He surprised me with a beautiful handmade silver pin, in the shape of calla lilies. I almost laughed when I opened it, because for some reason he has calla lilies on the brain, and obviously did not remember the gold calla lily pin he gave me a few years ago. His mother carried a bouquet of calla lilies when she got married, so maybe, having heard the story of the great lily hunt many times over the years, somehow he thinks of them as lovely and exclusive flowers. The story EG tells is that when she and Grandpa were getting married, after the war, she had seen calla lilies in the movies and magazines, and I guess at the time they were considered very sophisticated. She wanted something different, so she set her mind on having them for the wedding. They were not easy to find in Wisconsin in those years, so they spent much time searching far and wide for the flowers, and finally got some from, I think, as far away as Chicago. Anyhow, after the wedding, they came out to California, where Grandpa was from (San Francisco), and she was surprised and shocked to see calla lilies growing in great profusion in just about every yard. She still laughs at herself now when she tells this story.

He and I ate some of his mailorder meat last night, then we watched Breaking Away. I don't think he has watched it since we went to see it in 1979 or 1980, but the movie holds up very well. We got to talking about Dennis Christopher, and we both thought he had died of something or other, but I looked him up on the internet, and no, he is still alive and working. Got to love the IMDB!

Today he is away at the board meeting on the peninsula, and I am doing laundry and grocery shopping. I hope to fit in a little sewing, but so far am too busy puttering around. The weather hotted up again, but the fog is still coming in at night, so we don't mind.

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