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End of the Week
5:32 p.m. - 2005-09-09

This was only a four-day week, but seemed like 6. Almost everyone I work with was on vacation, so the workload was stressful, and in addition, the workmen came in to tear the place up. It must be getting close to the time we will be uprooted again and moved back down to where I came from. I am glad. One of the bad things about where I am now is that every time you have to visit the ladies room or lunch room, you have to walk past the open office doors of the two insurance guys. I prefer my comings and goings to be unseen, which is the way it is down at the other end of the plant.

Today, since everyone else is gone, I went to my old desk to check out my old phone. Jason told me that he had called me several times trying to get an address from me, forgetting that my phone number had changed when I moved to the new desk. I amused myself by listening to his increasingly annoyed messages, and to an old message from Melissa about the selling of the truck.

So how exciting a life must I be living, if I have to write about my phone messages?

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