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Apple Weekend
11:27 a.m. - 2005-09-11

Yesterday I got my hair cut, so that my usual scalping will have time to grow out a bit before his reunion. Now I have to think of something to wear to the reunion. Maybe I will just get a very dressy blouse. Anyway, after that, we went for a drive up to Petaluma and Sebastopol, to get the apples we totally forgot last year. This time of year all they have are Kings and Gravensteins, so we got the gravs. Today I was looking at the huge box of apples and thinking about the unfinished carton of buttermilk in the fridge, so I am making Warm Apple Buttermilk Pie. I used the super easy and very good press-in pie crust from Have Your Cake And Eat It Too by Susan Purdy. I can smell it baking now, an apple custard pie with streusel toppping.

My mind got distracted by the smell of the pie. Before we bought the apples, we drove through Petaluma and stopped at the old Carnegie library downtown, which has been converted into a nice little museum. They have lots of exhibits about the immigrant populations in the area, and this week they are highlighting the Chinese. Lovely museum. As an added plus, an old-time jazz band was playing out back, and they were selling hot dogs as a fundraiser. With hot dogs in hand, we walked around the downtown a bit, then drove on to get the apples. On the way home we stopped at Borders, because he is looking for a copy of the Atlanta paper. No luck for him, but I got a copy of the BBQ Queens book. One of these days I am going to have to stop reading about BBQ and actually do it.

Dear Abby was funny this morning, with a letter about what one is supposed to do if the driver of the car you are in slumps suddenly over the wheel. After a list of procedures to follow, she comments that it wouldn't hurt to pray while you are doing it. A similar thing happened to me when I was student teaching in Sacramento. I had no wheels at the time so was carpooling with another student, a girl whose name I don't remember. On the way home one day, when we were just about up to the Mace Ave exit in Davis, she calmly told me that she had suddenly been struck blind. I reached over and grabbed the wheel, and steered the car over to the exit. After we had stopped off to the side, she waited awhile and her sight came back, so we drove home. 35 years after the fact, I wonder what the heck that was all about. And why I let her drive me home after that.

The pie just came out of the oven. It puffed up mightily and smells incredible. I hope it tastes as good as it looks, because it was a very easy pie to make. The recipe is on the net.

Today he is going to finish pulling the rogue grass out of the flower bed out front, and I am going to put in the rest of my seedlings. We are waiting to hear if the EG's got back OK from their vacation to the midwest. They visited the Amana Colonies and went on a bus tour. I am glad they have so much fun, even in their eighties.

Rachael Ray is on the TV now. I had a difference of opinion with Jason a while ago about how old she was, and he insisted that "she is no spring chicken". I thought she was in her twenties, but lo, Jason was correct. We looked her up online and she is 37! I find this disturbing for some reason, because she is so cutesy, and soooo old.

Time to go cut out some shirts.

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