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Namerun Redux
5:25 p.m. - 2005-09-13

It is only Tuesday but feels like Thursday, which is a bad thing. This week I have to go into work at 7:00 and do the namerun for Tallia, who is on vacation. I remembered the early start, which is pretty good for me, but when I went out there to jump in the car and rush to work, the blue car would not start. Holy cow, the battery was dead, having died of old age! Of course, I didn't know that that was what was wrong, all I knew was that I had about 10 minutes to get to work and do the namerun. I called Jason, and he rushed over and gave me a ride. In addition to this stress, later that day I got in trouble at work, well, sort of, for mouthing off to some irate escrow officer on the phone. Here's what happened:

Some crabby lady called me and demanded to know if her documents recorded that morning, but I told her the file had never been released. She got madder and madder, while I tried to tell her who she was supposed to call, me not being the one, until finally I told her not to blow her stack, but to hold on a minute while I looked something up for her. She then apologized to me for being unpleasant, but then called my boss to complain about me. The first I heard about it was when my boss turned around toward me and said "Did you tell "Elsie" not to blow her stack?" "Why yes," I said, "Yes I did. But she was yelling at me". At which point, Jennie exclaims, "I can't believe you told her that!!" and they were both laughing so hard I thought they would choke. I guess I have a reputation for being nice, which stands you in good stead when you fall off the virtuous path. My boss said that my job was enough to make anyone crack, they laughed some more, and that was that.

Today he drove me in to work, because even though we had Triple A out to jump start the car last night, it had expired again by morning light. He bought a battery at the Honda dealership across the street from his office, and installed himself this evening. Now we are back in business.

We actually have a social engagement! Dennis Mc.'s daughter is getting married so we are going to go to that and make a weekend of it. Something to look forward to! Better go buy some towels.

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