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Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut
5:51 p.m. - 2005-09-29

Last week of the month, and I am beyond tired. Today I had the most documents ever, 104. The weather has hotted up again, but since I was inside slaving away at a furious pace, I haven't noticed much.

Besides the horrors of the workplace, I am having to juggle all the new TV shows and try to remember to watch/record them. Last night I was so taken with watching LOST that I forgot to record the other shows. Oh well, we all know that the reruns will be endless. I like Supernatural except that I don't believe they should write about ghosts having the ability to murder innocent people. Especially when the ghosts are of innocent children. Why would dying make you evil? A plot flaw that reveals the writers' jaundiced view of the universe. Plenty of guilty, nasty people to knock off, don't need to pick on women and children. I like Surface, and am wondering where they are going with the sea monster thing. So much has happened, and there have only been two shows. I did catch the comment about the monsters being amphibious, so no one would be safe on land or sea. Unless the beasts turn out to taste good, then American ingenuity could take over. Just think of it, Monster Salad Sandwich, Monster Burger, Monster Nuggets, All-You-Can-Eat Monster Platter at the IHOP!

Having so many interesting things to watch now makes me wonder why they let the whole summer go by with nothing much happening except Beauty and the Geek.

He is having the 40th reunion of his high school class soon, and I bought (!) a lovely top to wear with my ubiquitous black pants and shell. I went to Coldwater Creek on my lunch hour. It is very dark plum, a sort of embossed lace fabric, which my plum necklace matches perfectly. So that chore is done. This whole reunion thing has made me realize that every time one of these functions comes up, I have nothing to wear. The nice Coldwater Creek ladies gave me about 4 catalogs, and I see that all their beautiful jackets are basically the same pattern. I came home and found a nearly identical pattern (the benefit of having 52 million patterns), so I plan for that to be my next project - to make several jackets and tops in dressy fabrics. I need to be able to just go to the closet when the next wedding or whatever comes up. Most of the outfits in that pricey store are just basic items made in unusual and beautiful fabrics.

Luckily, Joel cannot make it to his birthday feast since he and Jane are going to a wedding, so they had to postpone the festivities. Now I do not have to miss it for the reunion. I don't know yet what his menu is going to be. Last night at Jason's, Jane brought the dinner so that it would be special for Joel's actual birthday. She made Cindy's recipe for tamale pie, a lovely salad and watermelon. Jellie and Jane made the dessert, which was designed by Jane to be like a giant Almond Joy bar, only a pie. There was a chocolate crust, coconut cream filling, chocolate spread on top, then whipped cream decorated with chocolate almond candies and coconut. It was delish.

He has to stay late at the office tonight to work on reunion stuff, so I am off the hook for cooking dinner, thank goodness. I am going to go rest and knit.

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