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Auld Acquaintance
10:50 a.m. - 2005-10-02

What a week. One day we did over 400 documents. The last day there were some docs I couldn't find, and searched and searched, checked my release lists and at the end, there it was in the computer and on my list, I was just too stressed to see it. Jenny says that is how it goes in this job, sometimes you just have to call someone else over to see what is right in front of your nose.

This was reunion weekend, and I had to go and be social with a bunch of strangers in a noisy room past my bedtime. I had to work the greeting table and make nametags for latecomers, then we sat down for dinner at one of the front tables. Unfortunately, one of the men brought his trophy wife and her dress was cut down so low that she was practically hanging out onto the table, so it was tiring having to constantly direct your eyes in other directions. I talked to her for awhile, and it turns out she is a lawyer and quite a nice person, raised in all-girl Catholic schools, just dressed like a hootchy girl. But it is very unappetizing sitting at a table with a half-naked stranger. I wonder what a trophy husband would wear, but maybe it is better that I direct my thoughts in other directions.

This morning is the reunion breakfast, but I didn't have to go to that, thank goodness. I still have a bushel of apples to make into applesauce, and tons of laundry to do.

Yesterday, while I was out turning on the sprinklers, I heard a strange rustling, thumping noise over near the fence. I went over there, and those darned dogs next door had grabbed my fly-catcher bag, pulled it through the fence, torn out the bottom of it, and were busy eating the 50,000 rotting, stinking flies that fell out. I managed to retrieve the remains of the bag, because the yellow plastic top was still snagged on my side of the fence, but then I had to go next door and tell Bart so he could keep his little kids from getting in the flies, and maybe save his dogs. Is this not the most unappetizing thing ever?!!? At least I didn't have to clean up the mess. How could any animal survive such a meal? Well, as my cheerful husband opines, maybe they won't.

Next week should be easier at work, and I have Thursday and Friday off, with the prospect of a library book sale on the weekend. Plus, the chamber of commerce gave us free tickets to that new golf movie, so we get to see that.

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