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I Should Have Been A Pirate
5:58 p.m. - 2005-10-19

Things are Halloweening up at work. We have to get dressed up, a yearly chore I am not thrilled with. This year I am in a new department, and the theme is Spooky Peter Pan. Since I was elected to be Tiger Lily, I now have a long-hair black wig, but needed an Indian dress, so, not wanting to spend my weekend on work stuff, even if it is a costume, I bought a priest costume to adapt into a black Indian dress. Easier than sewing it for myself.

The bosses also came up to me one day and asked if I could draw. My boss, Sue, said as how she has noticed me doodling pictures at my desk (it is creepy to realize someone who you thought was oblivious was really observing you closely), so she thought maybe I could draw. I was forced to admit that yes, I could. I was drafted to draw a huge deck of a pirate ship on a massive sheet of paper, from a photo the boss downloaded of some Broadway play or other. I had so much work to do that day, so I just picked up the marker pen and drew it all out in under an hour, flabbergasting and impressing everyone. Now they have to paint it, a much more labor intensive job, but I am off the Hook, so to speak.

Got to go to Jason's now, more later.

Now it is much later. This weekend is the wedding of Dennis McC's daughter, so we get to go to that. I put together an outfit using my new dressy shirt, sort of a take-off on the reunion outfit, so I don't have to rush around and bemoan my lack of anything to wear. I hope the food is good at this thing, but mostly I hope it is not too hot in the venue. I should remember to put a nice fan in my purse.

This week I had a huge craving for egg fu yung, so on Thursday I went and bought some from the good Chinese restaurant. While they were making it for take-out, I went and checked out the shoe department at the new Kohl's Department Store. I was not impressed. I think the concept of classic clothes has fallen by the wayside, since all the shoes looked a trifle clunky and some were more than a little tarty. I just want my feet to be inconspicuous and comfortable.

Let the weekend begin.

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