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Nuptials and Air-Force One
7:09 p.m. - 2005-10-23

We drove up to Folsom for a wedding this weekend. The wedding was at 4:30 Saturday afternoon, and it was an outdoor wedding in a lovely courtyard in the rear of the Inn. The sun was in exactly the right position to hit everyone in the eyes and roast us, so that part was not fine, especially since I was a victim of the "Change Purses" syndrome, wherein one forgets to put important items in the new purse. I forgot my fan.

After the ceremony, the interminable photo session was going on and on (my redundant statement of the day), so I went back up to the hotel room, which overlooked the courtyards, and spied out the window into the neighboring courtyard where another wedding was going on. I amused myself by observing the glummest bride I have ever seen. I would not have been surprised if she had either burst into tears or hauled off and clobbered the groom. She just stood there stony-faced even during the picture taking. Then he came up to get me and we went to the reception. The hotel put on a nice wedding buffet with roast beef and lovely mashed potatoes, and I sat next to a friend of the Father-Of-The-Bride who was from Peru and very interesting. But I am sorry to say that before the wedding cake was cut, my endurance faltered and I called it a night. My limit for socializing seems to be about 3 hours, then I get too tired to party on. One nice thing about this wedding was that the bride and groom wanted people to feel free to bring their babies and children, so there were cute kids everywhere, always an ice breaker.

So he stayed at the party for awhile, but I went up to the room just in time to discover that Air Force One was just starting on the TV. Nothing like terrorists and gun fights to top off a good wedding day. After awhile, he came up to see how I was doing, saw that the good movie was on, and since he was tired, too, went back down and said his goodbye's, then came back up to watch the movie with me. Yes, we certainly are party animals.

Today we drove back home over back roads through the Gold Country, stopping here and there to buy vegetables and fruit.

This week I have done three things to spruce up the house: cleaned up and decluttered the bedside table, ditto with the top of my chest-of-drawers, and cleared off the kitchen table. Not much, but it is a start.

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