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A Nip In The Air
7:51 a.m. - 2005-10-30

It is actually cold this morning with the suggestion of a little frost on the lawn. Some animal, probably a raccoon, got up on the trellis over the deck and ripped the screening over one of the roof vents. However, he fixed it up very nicely with a new vent, and we took down the shade cloth. I think summer is officially over. I have spent part of this weekend making my Halloween costume for work. It is amazing what they have done to the office, transformed it into a pirate ship with skeletons, rats, and treasure chests. I was in the middle of preparing my docs on Friday, wondering if I would have to stay late, when the boss came up to me and told me to draw a bedroom on the hall walls. Meldina took over my desk, I picked up my marvy marker and quickly drew a canopy bed, floor, rug etc. Took about 5 minutes. I rushed back to my desk, and when I checked about 20 minutes later, they already had the bedroom scene painted. So as you can tell, lots of work was getting done on Friday. Tomorrow we have to dress up (yoikes) and we are having a Halloween luncheon catered by some restaurant. The department down the hall changed their whole office into Hogwarts, so it will be interesting to see that.

Last weekend we bought a retro looking clock, but the only place we have to hang it is on the wall in the kitchen that was currently covered by a cork board. The former owners glued the corkboard up, so the cork is ancient and crumbling. Yesterday he peeled it off, without the problems of huge lumps of petrified glue that we were afraid were under there, then painted the wall white. Right now he is off at the hardware store buying anchors to hang the clock up. This reminds me that we had a friend in college who told us that his father sold anchors. For years I wondered how someone could be an anchor salesman, I mean how many big ships really need new anchors?? I finally found out there was an entirely different kind of anchor.

I decided to get my act together and start a healthy eating program. I have a book called "The T-Factor Diet" which is a basic low-fat regime and since the book has a menu template instead of specific requirements, it suits me better. I like knowing what I am supposed to be eating,

Now that it is cooler, it is time to get back on the knitting machine. I have the Jean Frost jacket book, and feel that a more formal looking sweater jacket would be good for work, This mostly involves doing away with a ribbed hem and putting in a bottom treatment that does not pull the fabric in, such as a stockinette hem or lace edge, or garter border.

I better go make the bed. Daylight savings time today, so I have an extra hour.

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