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Deviled Eggs and Latkes
7:10 a.m. - 2005-11-11

Thanksgiving is sneaking up on me. I realized yesterday that I only have two more weeks. Still have not heard anything from his side of the family about where it will be or what I am supposed to bring. On the other hand, Jason says he would rather have the dinner on Saturday, and since he hates turkey, he wants to have prime rib. No one in their right mind would argue with that. It does pose a side-dish dilemma though, since we can't have mashed potatoes with butter and cream in them since my sister keeps kosher. I see now why potato pancakes came into being, which is a very good idea. Jason also wants to make Jason Noodles (Jellie's idea) and a salad, so I guess I will make rolls and deviled eggs and maybe a vegetable. Jason and I are going to go to Costco this weekend to check out the meat. I wonder if you can make potato pancakes ahead of time and freeze them, since J has a microwave.

Friday is a holiday for the county, so the work load yesterday was very light. My boss did have one desperate escrow officer call her and demand to have his documents recorded on Friday, "They absolutely must record on Friday!". "Good luck with that!" she told him, since the county will be closed and deserted. Escrow officers never seem to think of anything until the last possible minute. Let's say that they try to release a document and something goes wrong but they don't know it, and we never get the release. If the deal is so important, why aren't they following up on it? Why do they call three weeks later to get the confirmation only to hear the deal never got to the starting block? Then they get furious, but why didn't they notice the day after when their confirmation didn't arrive? Ah, the minds of escrow, a constant mystery.

The gutter guys finally made it over here, having been held up by a late shipment, rain, and scheduling problems. As ever, they did a wonderful job, except that I noticed that those blankety blank raccoons have ripped the cover layer on the roof a little, no big deal, but I have to go up there this weekend and fix it up so they won't rip it some more, may they end up as coats, the stupid beasts.

Time to rush off to work, on this most blessed of days, Friday.

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