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BBQ Pit Debut
3:51 p.m. - 2005-12-04

A lovely weekend after the rain of the work week. Yesterday I did my grocery shopping to buy a big chunk of meat to try out in the BBQ Pit. I got some pork shoulder, about 13 lbs of it, but when I opened the wrapper, it was in two pieces, so I froze one and smeared Pappy's all over the other. I also stuck garlic cloves in the various crevices, then stuck it into the appliance for about 8 hours. It came out really well, tender and tasty, and not at all "boiled looking" like regular crock-pot food. I think that if I had time to leave it in for a few more hours it would have gotten more crusty on the surface, but was excellent anyway. I had read that the crock part was hard to clean, but if you scrape off the caramelized stuff with a plastic pancake turner when the unit is still hot, then soak it overnight, it cleans up nicely. I do think that I will spray the rack next time with Pam.

I notice that the pastor is making a real effort to keep the service to a reasonable length of time, at long last. Second Sunday of Advent, and all the hymns were Christmas songs, so got to love it. Invited the EG's home for lunch, so in the time it took for them to get to our house, I raced home, put the pork in the oven to heat up, made a salad (lucky for me, I was puttering in the kitchen this morning and had whipped up some salad dressing), made some biscuits and stuck them in the oven, and invented a new potato dish. On the way home from church, I was thinking about the unused half carton of sour cream I had left over, so I wondered how it would taste if you made cottage potatoes (cut up and sauteed in very small amount of oil with some onions, put in a little water, slap on a lid and cook til done) but when they are done, spread on some sour cream, put grated cheddar over the top, sprinkle with real bacon bits and sliced green onions. Like a baked potato but takes a fraction of the time.
Well, it turned out that it is delicious. The EG's ate it all up.

I also suggested to him that we invite the EG's to go for a drive with us on her birthday weekend, and when he asked her, she was very delighted. I will have to make a picnic lunch to take, maybe cold fried chicken, we shall see. Or maybe he will want to take us out to lunch, since it is her birthday. Hope it doesn't rain.

He has gone back to the office to clean it up a little, so I am going to go knit for the first time in a few weeks. I am in a knitting slump, and need to kick start my efforts.

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