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Short Thursday Entry
6:38 p.m. - 2005-12-08

It is not quite so cold, since it rained yesterday, but the weatherman says that the weekend will be great. We have a lot of work to do to get the house ready for the girls, but that won't be so bad. I have to do the usual, putting the flannel sheets on the beds and moving my considerable pile of stuff out of the room, but should be able to do it quickly. Or so I tell myself. I am ending the second week on the recording desk, and am surprised to find that I am getting much better at it, sort of a trial by fire. It is true that business has been light, and a busy day would probably cause my meltdown, but I will take any improvement I can get.

Yesterday was his birthday, so we went out to dinner. For some reason, he did not feel like Big Meat, so we went back to the excellent little Italian place. They have the most tasty and lovely salads, with sprinkles artistically littering the huge plate, and in my case, with apple and pears slices carefully laid out around the rim. I also tried the Carbonara which was absolutely scrumptious. I am going to make his cake this weekend when we are not so tired out.

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