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Happy Holidays!
6:45 p.m. - 2005-12-12

Still plenty of fall color around, though the temperature is still very low, I mean golly, it must be in the 50's! Just a little California weather humor, folks! We went on a drive Saturday to the Ardenwood Historic Farm, and the EG's enjoyed it very much, except for tall the walking required. The big Victorian house was decorated for Christmas, but was closed for the season, so we will have to go back some other time for a tour. There was a farmyard with a peacock, sheep, and assorted chickens. I must admit, several varieties of chicken are beautiful as well as tasty. I tried to take some pictures of the pretty ones, but fowl do not cooperate. I chatted with the peacock a bit, but it would not open up, so to speak.

We went to lunch at a 50's style diner in Fremont, and he said the burgers were very good, with house-made buns. The rest of the weekend was spent spiffing up the girls' room and putting sheets on the beds. I feel better now that everything is ready. I don't know if we will get the tree up this week, because sleeping is more important.

I tried my hand at making some puff pastry, and it is not so hard, just tricky to bake. It is educational to see how much butter is in that stuff, makes you ponder whether the taste is worth the cost and health effects.

We have actually started the Christmas shopping, going to the early morning sales at the mall this Saturday. We got several big ticket items on sale, but still have many things more to buy. I see my lunch hours spent in frantic shopping.

Jellie is having a musical concert this week. I must attend, better remember to record my shows.

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