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Musical Miracle
6:22 p.m. - 2005-12-14

I have a free evening! I was supposed to go to the music concert at Jellie's school, but the music teacher got sick and the show was canceled. Jason had not planned a dinner for tonight so here I am all alone at home, enjoying myself in the solitude. I have been going out on my lunchhour to do Christmas shopping, and thus, we have put a big dent in the list. Time is short, though, and the list is long. Abby is coming home this Saturday, so we are all excited about that.

Today my new boss lady talked to me briefly about the job and whether I liked the recording desk or the lenders desk, so I told her the truth, that I prefer the lenders. I can now adequately perform (I love split infinitives!) on the recording desk, because I have now been forced to for almost three weeks. Today was a big day and I just did it, and finished on time. The trouble, and we all knew there was trouble, is that all my stuff is over at my lenders desk, and since we don't know what the rec desk lady, out on leave, is going to do, I can't go back, and can't move my stuff. I want my fan and my stapler, I am just a person who likes her own stuff. Plus, the rec desk has one of those lame ergonomic keyboards that drive me mad, I tell you, MAD! Most of the time I have to type with my left elbow hiked up in the air so I can look to the left to see the documents and type the info they contain. Bummer.

Tonight I am making some rice, then I am going to fry up some SPAM and make Spam fried rice. How bad could that be?

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