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7:41 a.m. - 2005-12-22

Two days until Christmas. My boss decided to take yesterday off, and I had to take her phone calls and do her work in addition to the busiest day ever, and I suddenly started coming down with yet another cold (thank you, flu shot) so to say the day stank would be an understatement. I did finish up though, mostly on time. This was due to the fact that the courier was a very tired lady, and when she came in at 5:20 pm, she flopped into a chair and told me she was going to rest and to take all the time I needed. I actually pulled it off, sort of, but I will find out today when the confirms come in and I see how many of the docs were in bad shape.

I am done shopping, and all I have to make for Christmas is rolls, so I am going to take it easy from now on. I am still fighting the raccoons, who tore open one of the roof vents and were carousing in the attic. They left, but still keep trying to come back in. I put up a temporary wire structure held in by many bricks, but they keep trying, unsuccessfully so far. It has been dank and rainy so he has not been able to go out there and nail up a permanent solution. I really have to find my slingshot.

It is nice to have the girls home for the holidays, though Melissa is not here yet, but will be here tomorrow. I see by the computer clock that it is time to rush off to work, not with glee it is needless to add.

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