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Christmas Aftermath 2005
2:10 p.m. - 2005-12-31

Another three-day weekend! The last one was a waste, used up by sickness, Christmas work, and more Christmas work. That cold I had really set me back a few paces, but I am climbing up out of the valley of the cough, so it is all good. This weekend I am going to rest and goof off. I already loaded up my BBQ Pit with a brisket, and I must say that it came out fantastic. I used the rub and mop recipe in Smoke and Spice, reducing the cayenne by half and substituting sparkling apple cider for the beer (of which I had none). I had read reviews of the BBQ Pit that said the meat was all boiled looking and soggy, but no, mine was crispy on the outside and charred nicely. And delicious.

The work week was very busy, but the miracle was that they gave me permission to take off work to go to the bowl game, so I missed a truly horrible day (last recording day of the year). I heard later that the others were so busy that they didn't leave until almost 7:00 pm. Meanwhile, I was having a splendid time in SF, running around the stadium taking pictures of the band and being told by the guard to move along. Had garlic fries, a culinary experience that I don't think I will repeat, but it was interesting. For dinner that night, we first went to the Ghiradelli place and had sundaes, then went to Hubcaps and had a real dinner. Friday, mysterious things were happening at work, meetings with the Big Lady Boss for my supervisor, phone calls to the recording desk lady, and secrecy. I get the feeling that I am going to be stuck on the recording desk unless they get someone else to do it and shuffle me back to the lenders. No one tells me nothin'.

I just got a phone call that Melissa's prescription is ready, so I will go and pick it up.

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