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Happy Days Are Here Again
6:16 p.m. - 2006-01-06

It is a good day! My daughter, who was beginning to despair of getting gainful employment after many rejections, finally landed a job!! I am so happy. And it is in the art field too, which is hard to find.

At work today, now that the Rec Desk Lady has formally retired, the tech powers-that-be erased her from the corporate universe, and unfortunately axed all of my necessary computer programs while they were at it. I was totally unable to do anything until about 2 in the afternoon. Lucky for us it was a slow day, though highly stressful because of the computer snafu. The boss told me that they have decided to let me go back to my own desk and have hired Meldina to take over the rec desk. She is not overly thrilled, but hey, it is not me so I am glad. I will get to sit in the corner, away from the madding crowd and listen to my books-on-tape. And finish the day at 5 instead of 5:30.

I am still trying to jumpstart my sewing, but it is cold and I would rather sit on the bed and read a book.

I saw a red crockpot in Kohl's before Christmas, but in spite of many hints, I did not receive it for a present. Then today in Target, what did I see but the red pot! So I bought it! And it was on sale! And I lived happily ever after with even more red in my kitchen. I am going to send the old crockpot to Melissa some day soon, since she does not have one. It is historical too, since I think I have had it for 20 to 25 years.

I am now going to go and sit on the bed and read a book.

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