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Hair Apparent
5:02 p.m. - 2006-01-07

I went to have my hair trimmed today. It was a new lady at the Supercuts, and I explained carefully what I wanted, and told her I liked the length but needed shaping. So she scalped me. Why don't they listen to me? They look at me and see some butch lady who needs a crewcut, which is in variance with my image of myself. In addition to being scalped yet again, the hair is too long in the way-back. Oh my gosh, (blinding revelation) I have a mini-mullet! Curses on her, the scissor-wielding maniac.

Other than that, everyone is happy about Melissa getting a job. Jason is very pleased, he told me. The spouse went into the office to clean it up, but I stayed home and amused myself by doing laundry and getting scalped. I have vegetable soup cooking in the red crockpot, and later I will make grilled cheese sandwiches. I am determined to sew a little bit, something to jumpstart the urge to sew again.

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