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The Opal Deception
11:46 a.m. - 2006-01-21

I went down to the bead store in San Ramon this week, and I have to say that I was shocked by the high prices. A single simple clasp for a necklace is $2.50. At least I think that includes both sides of the clasp, but I could be wrong. Why is it that Sacramento has at least three really cool bead stores and all we have is the one in San Ramon and the laughably expensive one in W.C. This week I made some faux amber and coral and turquoise, but haven't baked it off yet. I need a place to spread out my clay making supplies, because the kitchen table is a hassle. I want to leave the whole schmere out without having to clean it up for meals.

Meldina left for the Philippines yesterday, so that means that I have only three weeks left on the rotten desk, then she will take over. I told her to take excellent care of herself, and I circled the date on my work calendar. He is also looking forward to my being on the early schedule again, because this getting home at almost 6:00 is the pits.

Last night we went to the newish BBQ place in Martinez. It was really good, and the prices were lower than the place in Lafayette, and you got more food. I tried the brisket and he tried the ribs, then we shared with each other. There was so much meat that we had to bring half of it home.

We are on cloud 9 at the moment because of the possibility of the youngest daughter getting a fellowship. This would mean that we would actually have a little money, maybe to replace the poor old couches or get a new back door. We shall just have to wait and see how it all plays out, but the girl has worked hard and we are proud of her.

I did well on my exercises this last week and tried to improve my eating habits. This was hampered by the box of Godiva chocolates that he brought home from the office, which seemed to have a druglike effect on me: the more chocolate I tasted, the more I wanted. I still do, but I am exercising my willpower now.

I just got a letter from the library telling me that my request (6 months old!) for the newest Artemis Fowl book is no longer pending, but that the book, or book-on-tape has arrived. So I am about to depart and pick it up.

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