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11:41 a.m. - 2006-01-28

So far this weekend is shaping up nicely, starting as it did with staying in bed until after 9:30 reading Nigel Slater"s 'Toast'. Is it just my imagination, or is England just crawling with perverted child molesters around every corner, tree and in every living room? It sure seems to be the theme of many books and films. Maybe it is the shipping your 8-year-old off to school thing. Poor little kids.

I got some movies from the library last weekend and for a change managed to get 4 out of 4 good-to-semigood ones. I watched East is East, an English movie about the Pakistani community, intermarriage, etc. with the inevitable husband beating the hell out of his wife, which seems to happen in all English films on this subject, but still a watchable story. King of the Hill was about a 12-year-old boy abandoned by his flaky father in the Chicago of the depression, and his efforts to survive. It was pretty good. Children of Heaven was totally excellent, about 2 kids forced to share a pair of shoes, except that I would have put a more satisfying ending on it.
Brassed Off was pretty good, but again, I prefer a better ending, since the social commentary leaves me cold.

Still freezing here but signs of spring are in the air and on the trees here and there. The raccoons have not been back. I need to get out the catalogs and do my seed order to get an earlier start this year than last year. We found an excellent rack at the Costco, a big 6-tier metal rack, that I am going to use to put my seedings on. It has wheels on it so can be wheeled into the sunshine. I will sew a cover for it out of plastic, and presto, a little greenhouse. I want to go sprinkle poppy seeds all over the yard and see what happens, but I had better do that before the rainy season ends or they will just dry up.

Time to go put some stew in the crockpot.

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