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Crystal and Pearls
4:06 p.m. - 2006-01-29

Had a bit of church luck today because on the way to the service, I remembered that I forgot to turn off the small heater that I was running in the girls' room to make the dehumidifier not freeze up. I had to drop him off with instructions to save me a seat after which I raced home to check the heater then head back to church. Truth to tell, I actually took my time going home enjoying the scenery along the way, then moseyed back to church. All in all, I ended up missing about half of the service, though in perceived time, the difference in length was about the same.

After church, I made two necklaces. One was a double strand in tones of violet, aqua, silver and blue using freshwater pearls (also aqua) in the second strand. It turned out OK, but I suffer from lack of a focal bead. Next I made a pink pearl and crystal one-strand that I like quite a bit in its retro simplicity.

He is out in the yard cleaning up the shed which suffered a lot during the reign of the bees. He also has to patch one of the screened window vents, which were torn by some animal or a hoard of bees. I don't think he will get around to the window today, but he is enjoying being out in the yard. We noticed that a new patch of violets has taken root in the middle of the back lawn, always a good thing to see. I remember once that my mom wanted to take some flowers to a friend of hers in the hospital so she came over and we picked a big (for violets) bouquet of the lovely deep purple flowers. Oh, the scent of them. Spring starts with scents - the smell of wet earth, violets, lilac, then freesias and then the roses. I am looking forward to seeing if the red poppies amount to anything, but at least I gave the seeds a chance at life instead of moldering away in a package.

I dug up the bag with the cornmeal sweater in it and am determined to finish it this year. The problem with this sweater was the terrible and confusing instructions for the sleeves. I could not figure them out so just devised one of my own, then lost my own instructions. I found them again and have knitted a little on it. It is really the High Mesa Cardigan, and a nice design, though because I am knitting it with doubled knitting worsted, it will be quite a heavy jacket when I am finished. In other knitting news, Stitches is in two weeks and I am going with Auntie M and January if it all works out. I mention this in case certain daughters have something they want me to look for. If this is the case, they should inform me in time.

I just realized that I am typing so much in an effort to put off my exercises, but I guess I should just go get it over with.

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