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12:46 p.m. - 2006-02-11

I finished the Opal Deception. OMGosh, they killed off Commander Root! I am hoping that he is resurrected in a later volume the way Artemis' dad was. I do not approve of killing off Commander Root. On the other hand, I thought the portrayal of Opal was very good. She was quite menacing and nutty.

I survived the last week of my stay on the deskus horriblis. Business was brisk, and in an effort to anethetize myself, I listened to a Laurie King murder mystery, a Tony Hillerman (The Dark Wind) and The Opal Deception. I still found the last week hard, because knowing I would be free next week made every annoyance seem more annoying. But I kept thinking, "last time I have to run the files, get the docs, deal with the folks down the hall, etc, etc." So now all I have to do is remember how to do my old job, which I am hoping will come back to me on the job. I hope Meldina had a good time in the Philippines, but I am glad she is back where she belongs, saving me from the rec desk.

Today I am puttering around. I have a pink T-shirt top half done, and I have made a pot of tortellini soup, done except for putting in the tortellini, and a big loaf of rye bread, which smells splendid. I have made a good start on the laundry. He is at the office doing our tax returns, which is unusual for this time of year, since it is like the plumber whose own pipes are leaking because he is so busy fixing other people's pipes. Some years ours do not go in until October. He invited me to go see the Firewall movie this afternoon, but I think he forgot all about it, we shall see. If so, I will finish the pink top.

One of my spring surprises is a perfect daffodil that sprang up in the cabbages. A bright yellow sign of beautiful days to come.

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