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Back In The Saddle
5:49 p.m. - 2006-02-15

I had one nice day on my old desk, but when I ambled in on Tuesday, I was greeted with the news that one day on the rec desk had done in poor Meldina, and she was out sick. Back I went to the bad old desk, just like I had never left. Today Meldina came in, a little worse for wear, and I was able to see the universe as an OK place. We had a meeting with our supervisor who went over a few things with us. One of the complaints the branches have is that when we answer the phone we are too businesslike and efficient. This floors me, because if they want a comedy routine, they should go to a club. I know the lady who manned the desk before us was a really peppy character, but what is wrong with cutting to the quick and getting the work done in a polite manner? Thank goodness I do not have to do that desk anymore, except in emergencies, because the world has gone crazy, but you knew that.

It is still nice and springy looking but the temperature fell into nippy territory. I have my seed order just about ready to send in, so am looking forward to starting many many plants. Last year my basil was a big success, and I have lots of pesto in the freezer. I also grew some kind of winter squash that was very tasty so I am going to have to get the seed packet out and read the name on it.

I am starting a new program of trying to sew a little every day. A half hour would be good, but to start with I just have to do something, anything in the sewing department every day.

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